ISP Email

From the moment you sign up with Servers Grid Managed hosting solution for ISPs looking to offer white label SaaS communication to large customer bases counting thousands to millions. Servers Grid ISP Email Hosted Messaging is a messaging and collaboration solution which includes a mail server, AJAX-based webmail client, spam and virus protection, web-based admin panel, calendar, contacts and more.

Servers Grid takes the complexity our of hosting and maintaining large email-systems. From Webmail clients to full messaging platforms, Servers Grid can deliver a competitive email-platform and help retain your customers with innovative features and improved user-experience.

Core Messaging Platform

  • Standard messaging needs in SaaS mode (such as SMTP, IMAP, Branded WebMail, Delegated Web Administration, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, High Availability, Back-up etc.)

  • Premium services covering Groupware, Collaboration, AntiVirus or AntiSpam, increased storage etc.

  • Mobile Sync services for a wide range of mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry®, Nokia, Windows Mobile-compatible handsets

  • Please keep in mind that our SaaS messaging services can be packaged in a flexible way according to your specific requirements


Servers Grid Hosted Messaging includes a unique webmail component which allows your users to work with e-mail, contacts and calendars. It also lets them use all the groupware features and synchronize their data with most mobile devices and Outlook, including instant notifications via mobile push.

Web Administration

Fed up with rummaging through your cluttered admin panel? It’s time for a refreshing change, introducing My Servers Grid. Most of everyday tasks of administering Servers Grid Hosted Messaging and managing users can be done via an easy-to-use web administration module.

Why Servers Grid Hosted ISP Messaging?

We built Servers Grid Hosted Messaging upon the most established and powerful open source components extending them with our vision of the modern communication and collaboration system. Mail-transfer agent (MTA) is based on Exim SMTP server, paired with Courier-IMAP to provide POP3 and IMAP access. Anti-spam and anti-virus protection is implemented upon EdgeWave .

  • Shift the burden of maintenance & uptime to the Utopia Net team

  • Choose from advanced feature sets & various users packages

  • Quickly roll out new mailboxes & services

  • No internal infrastructure to administer

  • Zero capital expense, low overhead, predictable costs

  • Free up IT staff for other projects

  • Easily meet current & future provisioning requirements

Maintenance & Support

Operation & maintenance

All of your platform’s components are constantly monitored & maintained. Performance indicators are also closely supervised to ensure the highest levels of service.

24×7 monitoring & maintenance services:

  • Servers & services availability

  • Performance monitoring

  • Event log monitoring

  • Proactive remote & on-site intervention

Technical Support

As part of the core package, we provide you with a Tier 2 (English-based) 24×7 technical support.

This means that your customer service representatives will be able to contact our support team and follow-up on open cases via our email-based ticketing system.

Upon account setup, we will activate your support accounts, for any support inquiries you may have.

ISP Email Support

In the scenario in which you choose to migrate from a legacy email platform, we can provide services for migration of mailboxes to our platform. We have the expertise to implement innovative solutions with a totally transparent migration for your subscribers & with near-zero downtime. This is subject to a feasibility study that must be undertaken & that is highly dependent on the capabilities of your legacy mail platform.